Android Tablets Under $100 – What’s in a Brand?

tablet-brandsWhen searching for the ultimate tablet you will find yourself navigating some treacherous paths if you are not careful. There are a host of factors to consider, especially when you are having to look at tablets that no one has evern even heard of thanks to budget constraints and multi-national corporations hording all of your money. All jokes aside, the cheap tablet market is full of crap Chinese imitations so be wary before you sit out on your journey.

Top Brand Tablets Under $100 on

Leading Brands

Leading brands in the tablet sphere are naturally the likes of Apple, Samsung, LG, Google, and ASUS to name a few. The problem is that in many cases these tablets only start at around $150 which puts you in a bit of a predicament considering you only have a meagre hundy or so to blow. Not to fear though – there are still some heroic budget tablets out there from a few leading brands. Examples are the likes of the ASUS MeMO Pad which has recently been put on special on Amazon for a hundred bones on the dot.  Other leading brands to consider are Amazon and Barnes and Noble, with the Kindle and NOOK respectively.

No Name Brands

Along with leading brands, a number of lesser known brands have entered the fray looking to get their piece of the tablet market. These are often not the best quality tablets, although there are exceptions to the rule, and some of these manufacturers even go as far as rigging Amazon user reviews in order to make their products stand out more, a nefarious practice to say the least. The bottom line here is be careful if you do decide to go with a no name brand as you might just get a holy ripoff.


There is a LOT in a brand, and when buying from unknown manfacturers make sure you put in double the time researching and checking out what other people have to say before you even think about forking out your hard earned dollar. Disclaimer: This post was written courtesy of TabletNinja’s guide to Android taptops under $100.

Best Tablet Games

Many application developers have made a variety of app games that people can play on their tablets or other mobile devices. Application games are great for entertaining kids, having fun and for passing the time away when a person is bored. Since there are literally hundreds of thousands of app based games that can be played on tablets sometimes it’s hard to figure out which ones are the best. Here is some information that will help people to figure out the best tablet games available for play.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds tops the list as the best application game that has been made to date. This particular game is literally played by billions of people all over the world. It first debuted in 2010 and it still continues to rate among the top 20 downloaded games for tablet devices. This game is designed for adults and children and its appeal is universal. Angry Birds is a feel good game that allows everyone who plays to have fun and it is simple to learn. There are at least 5 versions of Angry Birds and they include Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds Star Wars.

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush has been around as long as Angry Birds and the game started to pick up steam in 2012. In 2013 Candy Crush moved up its position to overtake Angry Birds as the most downloaded tablet game. Candy Crush mania is sweeping the world and millions of people all over the globe are now addicted to this game which features electronic candy puzzles. Once again, the developers who made this game crated an entertaining app that appeals to adults as well as children.

Subway Surfer

Subway surfer features a young heroine who outruns the police on a skateboard while traveling through different scenarios over train tracks. What makes this game so exciting and addicting for children are the easy to play features and the superior graphics that makes the game come to life. Subway Surfer is typically not played by adults but it is a game that has over 1 million downloads. This game still continues to gain more fans as more people find out about this exciting app.

Despicable Me

The Minions that appear in the popular Despicable Me films now have their own video game and it is proving to be a huge hit. Despicable Me the video game debuted in the spring of 2013 and has quickly become a rising star in the world of video game apps for tablets. This game features the Minions maneuvering through tunnels, city streets and even graveyards (their Halloween edition) as a part of their mad capers and hilarious adventures. This game is also a family friendly form of entertainment that will keep kids interested for hours on end. Other games such as Temple Run, Bejeweled, Bubble Shooter, Slots and Tetris are big hits that continue to remain some of the best tablet games for people to play.

Fake Tablets Under $200

Getting new tablets is a top priority for many consumers out there. But some of them might not be able to afford some of the newest and top of the line tablets on the market. There are many different types of these tablets though, so consumers should take a look around them. There are actually some fake tablets under $200, which will be appealing to many people. They will provide many of the same uses that are appealing to some people, but at a fraction of the cost. This can give people a chance to test out what tablets off them. Read More →

Tablets Under $100 for Professionals

If you are looking for a gift for your loved one which is great value for money there are plenty of computer tablets for you to choose from depending on your criteria. It is wise to do your research before buying anything otherwise you will likely pay more for your computer than you intended to. Professionals will help you to choose from their wide range of  professional tablets Under $100 to ensure you purchase the best product for you. Managers of leading companies often promote  to encourage customers to purchase their gadgets rather than their competitor’s. Make sure you shop around to ensure you select the most affordable option for your family. Manufacturer’s provide customers with various guarantees to prevent dissatisfaction for all concerned. Retail staff will likely replace your tablet and other digital devices if they are faulty or they will give you back your money no questions asked. Read More →

Purchasing Inexpensive Notebook Tablets Under $100 for Education and Work

education-tabletNotebook tablets under $100 can be great investments for parents with small children. These convertible tablets are a new addition to the market that allow the best of both tablets and laptops. Since computers have become an intricate part of the learning process, parents can make an early investment into their child’s education by purchasing the tools that’s needed to be successful. Which means, families that have very limited can still afford a cheap notebook tablets to accomplish their goals and objectives. For instance, even the smallest child can use to a diversity of basic functions when they are playing on their own gadgets. From using free software applications to identifying all of the alphabets to learning how to use adding and subtraction games, children can start as learning as soon as they have their own technical tools. Read More →

Internet Tablets Under $100

We live in an information driven age. People love their computers, but many are looking for alternative ways to connect to the Internet while they are on the go. Consequently, they want a very reliable mobile alternative to take with them when they are out and about. The Internet Tablet is a very good alternative. Well, we know that the big players in the market are very expensive, but there are exceptions to the rule. Large high tech manufacturers recognize the need for an affordable Internet Tablet. Today, the market is filled with great looking Internet Tablets Under $100. Read More →

Cheap Android Tablets Under $100

Android is a type of operating system that is used on various tablet technologies. Many computer companies use Android technology because it allows them to create tablets that are similar to the top end models but at a cheaper price. Here some popular Android based tablets that cost under $100.

Double Power 7, Envizion and Netbook 7 are three companies that use the Android operating platform for their tablet devices. They make tablets that are priced slightly under $100. Each of these tablets has the ability to surf the web and to play games. Consumers should keep in mind that tablet PCs that have the Android operating platform are necessarily designed to work with Android based apps. This means that consumers who these tablets probably won’t be able to download Android apps from Google Market. Read More →