Top Brands: Android Tablets Under $100

tablet-brandsWhen on the hunt for the ultimate tablet you will find yourself navigating some treacherous paths if you are not careful. There are a host of factors to consider, especially when you are having to look at tablets that no one has evern even heard of thanks to budget constraints and multi-national corporations hording all of your money. All jokes aside, the cheap tablet market is full of crap Chinese imitations so be wary before you sit out on your journey.

Leading Brands

Leading brands in the tablet sphere are naturally the likes of Apple, Samsung, LG, Google, and ASUS to name a few. The problem is that in many cases these tablets only start at around $150 which puts you in a bit of a predicament considering you only have a meagre hundy or so to blow. Not to fear though Рthere are still some heroic budget tablets out there from a few leading brands. Examples are the likes of the ASUS MeMO Pad which has recently been put on special on Amazon for a hundred bones on the dot.  Other leading brands to consider are Amazon and Barnes and Noble, with the Kindle and NOOK respectively.

No Name Brands

Along with leading brands, a number of lesser known brands have entered the fray looking to get their piece of the tablet market. These are often not the best quality tablets, although there are exceptions to the rule, and some of these manufacturers even go as far as rigging Amazon user reviews in order to make their products stand out more, a nefarious practice to say the least. The bottom line here is be careful if you do decide to go with a no name brand as you might just get a holy ripoff.


There is a LOT in a brand, and when buying from unknown manfacturers make sure you put in double the time researching and checking out what other people have to say before you even think about forking out your hard earned dollar. Disclaimer: This post was written courtesy of TabletNinja’s guide to Android taptops under $100.

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