Cheap Android Tablets Under $100

Android is a type of operating system that is used on various tablet technologies. Many computer companies use Android technology because it allows them to create tablets that are similar to the top end models but at a cheaper price. Here some popular Android based tablets that cost under $100.

Double Power 7, Envizion and Netbook 7 are three companies that use the Android operating platform for their tablet devices. They make tablets that are priced slightly under $100. Each of these tablets has the ability to surf the web and to play games. Consumers should keep in mind that tablet PCs that have the Android operating platform are necessarily designed to work with Android based apps. This means that consumers who these tablets probably won’t be able to download Android apps from Google Market.

Google makes some of their Nexus models that are priced at or under $100. This model of tablet is capable has the ability to download Android apps from Google Play because it is designed for compatibility with Google products, features and services.

Consumers should also understand that many companies that produce cheap Android tablets have their own unique markets for apps which correlate to the type of tablet that they are using. These types of tablets cannot access apps in outside markets because they won’t work on their platform. Since this is the case, Android based tablets are best utilized by people who want a cheap portable tablet device for surfing the web or possibly taking pictures.

Different computing companies such as Dell, Acer and HP make some of their tablet models that are based on an Android platform. These types of tablets can be used to access the Android markets because they have the ability to utilize and operate the apps.

Most Android tablets that cost under $100 typically have 1.2 GHz processor, 4GB of storage space and 256 or 512 GB of RAM. These devices are not that powerful but they do allow consumers to surf the web, look at pictures and to play some games that can be used on this type of platform. Many Android based tablets for under $100 can be purchased online or at major retail outlets.

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